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  I was bored one day in art class, and saw a box of Crayola markers the teacher had left sitting out on the table and there was some type of watercolor paper nearby. So, I whipped out the picture I had of my cat and drew him with the markers as best I could, using the very, very limited selection of colors (8 colors I think is the normal selection for regular box of Crayola markers, and I only used the orange, yellow, red, black and possibly green) and I took a small bowl of water and a paintbrush and sort of "water-colored" the picture with the markers. I think it turned out pretty neat for being bored and only having a very limited selection of supplies. Although it may not look like much to anyone else, this picture does mean a lot to me. Tiger was the best cat, guardian, friend anyone could have ever asked for. =)  
 , 2006.